Is Axe Throwing Therapeutic?

orlando axe throwing

We can all relate. That uneasy feeling that creeps upon you and consumes your mind and muscles for days, weeks, or even months on end – the feeling of being stressed out and overwhelmed. When the face masks and bubble baths just aren’t cutting it anymore, we offer a different kind of self-care practice.

Axe throwing offers an exciting and unique approach to relieving stress. Axe throwing puts one’s body through a physical workout that is also beneficial to their mental health. It can help relieve built up anxiety and stress stored within the body. Feel the tension quickly vanish as you hurl metal axes at wooden targets. While just the throwing can be relieving enough, hitting the target can also release endorphins in your body and create a euphoric experience.

Axe throwing acts similarly to cable exercises as it targets multiple muscle groups in one smooth motion. It targets the core, shoulders, arms, back, pecs, and legs giving you a full-body workout without feeling as physically demanding as actually going to the gym can feel.

At The Keg Social, ages 14 and up are welcome to toss axes at our wooden targets making this the perfect activity for any group, whether it be families, friends or co-workers looking to have a therapeutic yet thrilling night.

One thought on “Is Axe Throwing Therapeutic?

  1. Alice Carroll says:

    Thanks for explaining that axe throwing could be comparable to cable exercises. I’d like to know more about that because I’m interested in trying it one one of these days. Maybe that will help me be able get back into getting my arms toned after not going to the gym in a long while.

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