The Health Benefits of Billiards

Rack ‘em, break ‘em, sink ‘em. Billiards is a game loved by many people and we all know it’s a game of focus and technique but, did you know there are actual health benefits to the game? Whether you’re looking to improve your body or mind, it might be time to pick up that pool stick.

First and foremost, like with any sport, you’ll burn calories. While billiards isn’t exactly a sweaty activity, the average player is going to walk at least a mile in just one game!

Secondly, billiards improves the mind by building focus and improving critical thinking skills. Every move you make in pool is strategic and requires focus. You must pay attention to small details while configuring the best angle for your cue, body, and hands, all while blocking out external factors like your friends chatting or the beers flowing. As far as critical thinking skills go, with every move in pool you are presented with hundreds of options as to how you want to play your next move.

Let’s move on to the physical body’s benefits. As you play pool, you’re going to have to lean and stretch across the table to get that perfect shot. In some cases, you may even have to balance on one leg. All of this helps improve your stretching and balancing power while gently toning your leg, back and hip muscles.

At The Keg Social, our billiards tables are rented out by the hour giving you plenty of time to think, stretch and play! And, most importantly, they’re located right next to our FloBar to keep your cup full!

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