Why Bowling is the Perfect Past Time Activity

Finding an activity that your whole group enjoys can be nearly impossible. Everyone has differing opinions and after a while it can feel like you guys will never agree on anything.  But there is one sport that resonates with all ages and generations, can be played despite the weather, requires no equipment, and almost anyone can do… Bowling! Bowling is a one-of-a-kind sport that requires low effort but results in maximized fun.

No matter the age of your group, or the age differences within it, everyone will get equally excited about that strike they roll. You’ll be able to spot the 13-year-old who claims he’s too old for this jumping up and down as the pins knock over or catch your dad do his dorky dance when he gets that nearly impossible spare. It not only makes for the perfect after-school activity but can also be doubled as an adults-only hangout spot.

Perhaps the best part about bowling is that everything is supplied for you- from shoes to balls and even socks, the bowling alleys got you covered. Sure, the freshly sanitized, multicolored bowling shoes may not be the most fashionable, but they do make your attempt at moonwalking look a little smoother.

And what other sport gives you the option to eat and drink while you play?! At The Keg Social, every lane has their own server, ready to bring you all the beer, nachos, and poutine you want!

Join us on Wednesday nights for $10 All-You-Can-Bowl for a night filled with delicious food, unique drinks and, of course, wacky celebrations!

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